Akkal Tamang : A Recognized Social Campaigner
Born in a poor and backward family of indigenous community in a remote village of Kavrepalanchok district . Akkal Bahadur Tamang has now been a well recognized social worker and campaigner . Engaged in social works in diverse fields including education , health, sanitation , foreign employment and skill development . Tamang who had faced many difficulties to get enrolled in school in his childhood , feels immense pleasure while providing support to the needy children . Tamang shared that he had to make struggle in his own family and society to get enrolled in the school and complete the school level education . He was the first person completing school level education from the Tamang community of Kuruwas village in Temal Rural municipality of Kavrepalanchok district when he passed the school level certificate (SLC) exam in 2051 BS. Tamang could complete his school level education with the support of Gyan Bahadur Tamang one of the elder brothers . Others family members , however , tried to restrict him from pursuing education . Due to the poor economic condition and backwardness of his family , he got the chance to go to school only when he reached 5 only . He was allowed to go to the school only after he promised he would claim his rights on the family property after he was enrolled in the school .

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