Past and Current Activities:
  1. Hygiene Programs:
The environment influences all the living creatures where they live. They are healthy if the surrounding around them is clean. Environment plays effective role in the human health, perception, behavior and every development like the one it does in other creatures. Concluding this factor, this organization is primarily focused with the environmental activities in different parts of the country since the establishment of this organization. Here are few of them:  
  1. a) Cleaning Program at Sankhapark:
Since the establishment, this organization has taken initiation to conduct the cleaning program at the Sankhapark of Dhumbarahi-04 in Kathmandu Metropolitan city keeping in mind the unmanaged urbanization, deteriorating environment and considering the public health. The dwellers of the capital Kathmandu can work out in the morning with the fresh air and conduct programs in the park after the organization conducted the cleaning program in the presence of the volunteers from Korea.  
  1. b) Cleaning in Trekking Route:
         In 2014, this organization conducted massive cleanup program in trekking route of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna in the participation of the 40 volunteers from South Korea during their visit to Nepal. The organization conducted the public awareness program from Naya Pool to Ghorepani Poon Hill of Gandaki and Kaski districts as the part of the program. From this program, thousands of tourists who visit Nepal to get the glimpse of the natural beauties of Nepal have been benefited.
  1. c) Local Area Cleaning Program:
As the government of Nepal has conceptualized the policy of "Clean and Green City" for Kathmandu, the organization is conducting the cleanup program in ward numbers area 11, 12 and 13 of Budhanilkantha Municipality from first week of January 2016. Locals from the area are taking part in the program. Similarly, different local organizations, schools, and area progressive committee are coordinating with this organization for the public awareness program. Different programs are being conducted to promote this area as tourist destination like Thamel.  
  1. Educational Program:
Education is also one of the most important elements for the development of the society along with the cleaning. Keeping that into the consideration, the organization is providing educational scholarship to the deprived and talented students and establishing libraries in various parts of the country.  
  1. a) Scholarship Program:
With the personal aid of executives of the organization and with an assistance of Korean citizens, the organization has provided scholarship to 19 brilliant and deprived students until their higher secondary level education. Among which, one girl will be provided full scholarship for her medical education for which the organization is arranging fund.  
  1. b) School Level Library:
To upgrade the quality in education of the students of the public and community based schools, this organization has established well-equipped school level libraries in three schools with the name of NEKOS Joy.            List of Schools having the Libraries:
S. No. District VDC/Municipality Name of the Schools Types of School
1 Kavre Chapakhori Bhumeshwore L.S. School Public
2 Bhaktapur Sanga Saraswati L.S. School Public
3 Kathmandu Budhanilkantha Charter Community School Community
4 Kathmandu Budhanilakantha 11 Samten Academy Community
  1. c) Establishment of Community Library and Computer Lab:
This is the age of Information Technology. One cannot update himself if he does not have knowledge of information technology along with the formal education. As the world has become one small village because of the information technology, this organization has established the computer labs along with the libraries in various schools with the slogan "Utilize your valuable time and start reading books". With the direct assistance of Hanyang University ERICA Volunteer Crops. Camus of South Korea, this organization NEKOS has established 1st JOY Community Library and Computer Lab for the first time at then Kapan VDC and current Akashedhara, Kapan 12 of Budhanilkantha Municipality. Vice-President Nanda Bahadur Pun inaugurated this community library and computer lab.
  1. Miscellaneous Vocational Training Program:
         This organization is organizing various programs to train and to make the women, youth and children to stand on their own feet along with providing well information of Korean language, culture, tradition, social custom, gastronomy, sports, hygiene, volunteer and leadership among others.      
  1. a) Volunteer Training:
This organization is organizing the volunteer training repeatedly to the executive members of the organization, general member those who are optimistic towards the society, youths who have concept of prosperous society and students from various schools for the social change by inviting various experts from South Korea. The organization holds the training program to the participants about the importance and need of the volunteer in the society along with personal enhancement as well as social benefits from the volunteer training, which the participants feel very feasible and effective.  
  1. b) Leadership Skill Development Training:
         This organization is providing the training of development of leadership skill to the youths who really can change the society, eradicate the distorted, and imprecise sources in the society that includes the valuable members of the organization. Through this free cost leadership training, the participants are positive to lead in their home-society and as a whole, they could lead the country.  
  1. c) Art Training:
         The organization has taken initiation to train the students of various schools of the country to introduce and to exchange the cultural and traditional values of South Korea and Nepal through art with an assistance of the South Korean volunteers who visit Nepal. This free training enhances the quality of fraternity between two countries.  
  1. d) Language Training:
         This organization has organized the language-training program to strengthen the relation between two countries along with exchange of information of two countries. To enhance the bonding between two countries, language plays vital role. Keeping that in mind, the organization is providing the language training by the well-trained Korean trainer to the youths from various parts of the country, who come to the capital to pursue their higher education and keep interest in South Korea.  
  1. e) Computer Training:
         As the world is squeezing because of the information technology, this organization is holding free basic computer training to ease the approach to the informatics world.
  1. f) Employment and Skill Development Training:
         Nepal is agricultural country. The major income source of Nepalese is dependent on agriculture. Therefore, this organizes employment and skill development training to the youths of Nepal, by Korean experts, who are willing to go abroad for the foreign employment in order to introduce them various skills oriented and self-resilient jobs.  
  1. g) Korean Gastronomy Training:
         This organization is providing the Korean Gastronomy training with the help of Korean citizens to the youths of Nepal who are really influenced by the Korean art, cultures, traditions, and social values of Korea, which help them to prepare varieties of Korean food by their own skills.   4) Formation of Various Groups:          This organization has formed three groups- women, youth, and children, based on their interest, skill and age to conduct the training and program organized by this organization, more effectively and result oriented.  
  1. a) Women Group:
         As there is saying that, a woman can teach her whole family, this organization is providing training related with Korean culture, language, art and gastronomy to the women came Kathmandu seeking the better life and keep interest in Korea. Likewise, to flow the information regarding the Korean culture, language, art and gastronomy within family, neighborhood and society, NEKOS Women Group has been formed.  
  1. b) Youth Club:
         Youths are the pillar of the country. They are the symbol of development and transformation. As the youths could change every aspects of the society, keeping this in consideration, this organization conducts various youth oriented training program related with Korean culture, language, art and gastronomy  to the youths who are currently residing in the capital to pursue their higher education and struggling for their livelihood. NEKOS Youth Group has been formed to transform the society on basis of Korean culture, language, art and tradition.  
  1. c) Children Group:
         Children are the treasure of the country. By the age, they have good memory power and they can imply any new thing in their practical life easily by grabbing quickly. So this organization is providing training and flowing the information to the students who are pursuing their studies in schools of various parts of the country about Korean culture, language, art and tradition. Conveying message of the prosperity of South Korea in short period, the NEKOS Children Club has been created to give knowledge to the school students to be sincere and responsible citizen of the country. 5) Exchange of Culture and Art: As the name of this organization is Nepal-Korea Culture Exchange, the main objective of the organization is to exchange the culture and art between Nepal and South Korea. On occasion of World Tourism Day on 27 September 2014, the organization organized a cultural program, titled NEPAL-KOREA CULTURE NIGHT 2014 to introduce the costumes, tradition, and identity of both countries to the audiences. During the program, various reputed and well-known cultural groups of both countries presented their respective cultural music and dances.   6) Educational Consultancy and Assistance Program:          To enhance the quality of public and community schools of Nepal, this organization invites highly qualified faculties from various educational institutions from South Korea to give the appropriate consultations as well as to provide assistance in upgrading the physical infrastructure of the schools among others as per need.   7) Sports Development Program:          This organization has endorsed the cultural and national sport of South Korea, Taekwondo to various schools and clubs of Nepal to promote this game among the students and youths as part of culture of South Korea.  
  1. a) Establishment of School Taekwondo Association:
         This organization has actively involved in establishing the School Taekwondo Association, giving priority to Taekwondo in various schools in collaboration with Grand Masters of various Do-Jang of Korea.  
  1. b) Taekwando Training...
The organization is assisting to organize Taekwondo training by various Grand Masters, Masters and coach invited from South Korea to give training and to give the information of new techniques of the game to the local and school level players and coaches of Nepal.   8) Relief Distribution Program:          This organization has been providing relief material with the collaboration of various organizations and individuals to the victims from deprived community, marginal community, helpless and poor family, orphans, and old age people who are suffering from various natural and massive disasters that occurred in various period.  
  1. a) Relief Program of Initial Period:
         This organization had distributed the initial relief material to the victims of massive earthquake of April 25, 26 and May 12 of 2015 with the help of different organization from South Korea in mostly affected districts like Sindhupalchok, Kavre, Kathmandu, Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Dhading and Gorkha.
  1. b) Construction and Distribution Temporary Homes:
This organization has already constructed and distributed the temporary houses to highly deprived 30 families of ward no. 14 and 15 of Panchkhal Municipality 20 Houses in Chokati VDC Sindhupalanchok with the help of Aan Saan City Volunteer Centre of South Korea and Korea Volunteer Federation South Korea. Also construct 3 Schools in the Tanhung District and 1 School in the Solukhumbu School The process has already been started to construct 365 temporary houses with slogan One Day One House with the help of concerned organization from Korea in other earthquake affected districts.  
  1. c) Distribution of Water Filtration Instrument:
         This organization has already distributed water filtration instruments provided by Global Business Pvt. Ltd to various public and community schools.   Like this, the organization continues to help in strengthening the bilateral relation between Nepal and South Korea through various social activities. The organization is planning to continue more activities. The organization expresses its gratitude to the helping hand from South Korea for their intense help in our activities.     Akkal Bahadur Tamang (Lama) President NEKOS Social Organization WVAN Nepal